MCW One, Dect and Messaging

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Research shows that healthcare professionals spend nearly 35% of their time trying to reach information. MCW offers you next generation communication options to use time most efficiently. MCW enables you to get the right information at the right time. With the help of Hospital Information System (HIS) integration, you can monitor critical and regular information in real-time.

The MCW One Handset is an Android-based smartphone designed to support the MCW Software to work fully integrated with the ZKR Nurse Call Systems. The integrated NFC Card Reader and Barcode Reader allow nurses to unleash the potential of fully automated and paperless integration with Hospital Information Systems or any other Management Systems the hospital uses. The MCW One Handset provides your personnel with a full technological toolkit to process and access data.


ZKR Nurse Call Systems can be integrated with DECT telephone systems through hospital PBX, and thereby transmit all received calls to specified DECT phones as text messages.* Logs and analytics can be reported detailing the sent/received status of these messages, and the response times of receiving personnel.**

*Requires text-message enabled DECT handsets
**Applicable for compatible systems.

Wireless Pager

The ZKR Pager has a simple design. Easy to read messages on an 8-line high-resolution, illuminated display. There are five different warning beeps and vibrate warning modes. The pager allows for manual adjustment. It has six addresses and a capacity of 19 messages. It works with a rechargeable battery. It has become practical to use with a carrying strap and clip.

ZKR Pager Transmitter
The Pager Transmitter is the unit that allows the signals from the nurse call system to be delivered to the pagers. It broadcasts at 433 MHz in accordance with the KET regulation. The coverage area can be easily expanded by placing additional transmitters.