Infinity Nurse Call System

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ZKR Infinity series provides a state of the art voice communication platform for your Nurse Call and Emergency Code needs.

The system is designed to enable a higher level of communication between patients and nurses, and its detailed event logging allows for easy and thorough service quality evaluation. It empowers patients to control their environment including TV, air conditioning, window blinds and lights, while giving them the ease of mind knowing that their nurses are a button’s press away.

Function buttons on the handset allow patients to control two different lights in the room, manage TV channels and volume. It also has two function buttons integrated  according to your needs. As an example, you can assign room air conditioner control or electronic curtain control to these buttons.

The wall plug connects to the Duty Station with an RJ45 port on the back side, and to its Patient Handset with a safety magnetic port on the front side.

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