Integration Softwares

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Public Voice Address Integration
Integration with general and emergency voice alarm systems allows you to make SIP-based announcements to selected zones through VoIP-enabled Nurse Control Panels. With this integration the hospital doesn’t need separate expensive microphones for these announcements, because they can be made through the built-in handset of the Nurse Control Panel.

PBX Integration
Integration with the hospital telephone switchboard to allow for Internal and External calls from patient handsets with automatic billing, and initiation of various custom emergency codes from any telephone in the hospital (eg. 2222 for code pink: child abduction, etc.)

Building Management System
Integration with Building Management Systems such as lighting automation allow the Intelligent Healthcare Communication System to automatically turn on the lights of corridors where a nurse call is triggered, helping nurses reach where they are needed. When combined with HIS (Hospital Information System) integration, we can automatically cut power to empty rooms in the hospital and turn on the power to these rooms when a patient is booked to them in the HIS, saving power and money for the hospital.

Patient Monitoring Integration
Integration with patient Monitoring Devices such as Saline Solution Controller, allowing nurses to be automatically notified when the saline solution is running low or Pressure Pads which allow configurable automatic alarms to be sent to nurses when a patient leaves his bed, or when he has fallen out of bed. It can also trigger automatic emergency calls when medical devices such as ECG/EKG monitors give alarm.

HIS Integration (Hospital Information System)
Integration with the Hospital Information System allows the demographic data, lab results, and EMG unit alarms relevant to call initiating patients to be displayed on the Room Control Unit screens, Nurse Control Panels, or even MCW One enabled smartphones. This integration also allows nurses to view information such as allergy notes about the patient simply by pressing his bed icon on the Room Control Unit. Interactive hospital meal menus from HIS can be placed in the Room Control Units allowing the patient or their attendant/companion to easily order meals for the patient directly from the Room Control Unit touchscreen.

Fire Alarm Integration
Integration with Fire Detection Systems allows the system to show the origin of the alarms on the nurse control panels of relevant zones and send this information to the communication devices (MCW One enabled smart phones, pagers, DECT phones, and WiFi phones) of the personnel that need to know. The system can also automatically trigger conference calls for Fire Safety teams on MCW One allowing clear communication for faster safer response plans.

Infant Tracking Integration
Integration with Infant Tracking Systems allow an alarm to be sent to relevant nurse control panels and communication devices of relevant personnel when a baby is taken out of “safe zones”. This can be combined with Access Control System integration if available to lock down specified areas of the hospital automatically when the infant alarm is triggered.