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MCW One offers you a new generation communication options so as to use the time in the best way. Researchs show that the Health Care Professionals are spending nearly %35 of their time to reach the information. MCW One allows you to get the right information at the right time. By the help of Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) integration, you’re able to monitor the critical and expected information in real-time. Mcw One offers you an Android based platform which enables you to use different kind of Hospital applications comfortably. Integrated NFC Reader is able to read RFID Cards and can open you or your colleague private sessions so as to use in different services.Can reply the patient call with a simple single touch. Integrated 2D Barcode Reader allows you to use HIMS faster and more reliable  

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ZKR Comfort - Voice Over Nurse Call System

The ZKR Comfort series provide a structure for voice communication platforms within the ZKR product family.The system is designed to provide high level of communication with patients and nurse services. It is also possible to integrate applications such as a room lightning, TV controlling from the handset.

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