MCW One, Dect and Messaging

MCW One, Dect and Messaging


MCW One offers you a new generation communication options so as to use the time in the best way. Researches show that the Health Care Professionals are spending nearly %35 of their time to reach the information.

MCW One allows you to get the right information at the right time. By the help of Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) integration, you’re able    to monitor   the critical and expected information in real-time.

MCW One offers you an Android based platform which enables you to use different kind of Hospital applications comfortably. Integrated NFC Reader is able to read RFID Cards and can open you or your colleague private sessions so as to use in different services. Can reply the patient call with a simple single touch. Integrated 2D Barcode Reader allows you to use HIMS faster and more reliable.

Product Details

Wireless Pager

The Wireless Pager has a simple design. It's easier to read messages with 8-line high-resolution, illuminated display. There are five different warning beeps and vibrate warning modes, depending on demand. The pager is available for manual adjustment. It has six addresses and a capacity of 1000 messages. It works with AAA recycled battery. It has become practical to use with a carrying strap and clip.

ZKR Wireless Transmitter (For Wireless Pager)
The wireless transmitting device (Pager Transmitter) is the unit that allows the signals from the nurse call system to be delivered to the pagers. It broadcasts at 433 MHz in accordance with the KET regulation. By making point joints where the coverage area is weakened, the area can be easily expanded.

Product Details

Hospital Emergency Server

It is a server that enables the integration with other systems that are used at the same time, which enables the reporting by the web interface and supervises the operation of the Versatile and Comfort series products used in the hospital. The Linux-based architecture provides a solid dependable infrastructure.

  • Linux operating system
  • Full backup structure
  • Fault tracing and notifications of all modules connected to the system
  • Voice Recording Mode (Applies to Comfort Series products)
  • Message Integrity with Wifi Mobile Phones
  • Message integration with Dect Phones
  • Message Integrity with Pagers
  • Terminator integration with the phone of the Institution emergency code start and finalization (such as 1111,2222,3333)
  • IP, PRI, BRI, Analog Connection
  • Integration with Fire Systems (Modbus, Bacnet, Custom TCP connection types)
  • Integration with CCTV Systems (Serial Port, Private TCP connection)
  • Integration with RFID Systems (Web service, Private TCP connection types)
  • Integration with HBYS systems (Web Services, SOA based architecture, Custom TCP connection types)
  • Integration with lighting automation (Modbus, KNX, Analog IO, Custom TCP connection types)
  • Integration with emergency and public address systems (automatic announcement, emergency notification system)
Product Details