Application Server M500- M1000+

Application Server M500- M1000+

The server controls the operation of the Comfort, Versatile Plus, Versatile, and Air Plus (optional) systems used in hospitals. The server provides log reporting through a web interface and enables integration with other systems used throughout the building. Our servers have a Linux-based robust and reliable infrastructure.

  • Linux Operating System
  • Fully redundant architecture
  • Troubleshooting and error notification of the all modules connected to the system
  • Voice Record Module (for Comfort and Versatile Plus systems)
  • Integration with WiFi mobile phones and messaging
  • Integration with DECT telephones
  • Integration with pagers
  • Integration with PBX and starting emergency codes (such as 1111, 2222, 3333)
  • IP, PRI, BRI, Analog Connection
  • Integration with Fire Alarm Systems (Modbus, Bacnet, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with CCTV Systems (Serial Port, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with RFID Systems (Web service, Special TCP connection types)
  • Integration with Hospital Information System
  • Integration with Lighting Automation

Application Server M500 - ZKRUNCIPSRM0500

    Software supporting up to 500 rooms

    Application Server M1000 - ZKRUNCIPSR10200

    Software supporting up to 1000 rooms

    Application Server M1000+ - ZKRUNCIPSRM2000

    Software supporting unlimited rooms