Comfort VoIP Patient Handset

Comfort VoIP Patient Handset

With voice communication, patients can speak directly to the nurses assigned to them. This system allows hospital staff to save time on service, prioritize critical cases, and comfort patients through voice communication. Thanks to the ZKR Comfort Nurse Call System, all conversations between hospital personnel and patients can be recorded, giving opportunities for quality control. Evaluation of nurse performance can be displayed as a graph on the server interface.

The Comfort VoIP Handset is easy to use. Patients can press the button labelled “Nurse Call” when they wish to send a regular nurse call signal, or they can press the large call button when they want to speak with the nurse assigned to them. The product has a user-friendly, ergonomic, and hygienic structure. Using intelligent controls, patients can make internal and external phone calls with automatic billing. ZKR Comfort Nurse Call Systems can integrate as PBX analog, digital, and VoIP with any SIP-based brands.

• PoE (Power Over Ethernet)


• Full duplex

• SIP protocol

• Conference call

• Function control within the room through Building Management System integration (such as lighting or window blinds)

• TV channel and volume control

• Internal and external call (with tracking system for billing)